Welcome to Greenzebrasword! We are a small shop that sells resin jewelry, orgonite pyramids, divinatory services, and various other witchcraft and occult-related goods. Our shop is still a work in progress, but we do have some goods already ready for sale. Since this page is very new and in the works, I will have to send you on over to our Instagram page until we have this website page finished and up to snuff. The link to that is https://www.instagram.com/greenzebrasword/
We also have a linktree which will be updating as we continue to branch out our shop and offer new services and such so be sure to keep an eye on it at https://linktr.ee/greenzebrasword

Thank you for visiting our page, give it a like and I look forward to doing business with you! If you have any requests for a specific orgonite pyramid or resin pendants, we have a variety of stones we use and are always happy to hear ideas. Shoot us a message if there is a stone combination that you haven’t been able to find and are interested in getting your hands on!